Clear Master Cleaner: Optimize Your Windows System

Clear Master Cleaner

We all love our smartphones, but over time, they tend to accumulate unnecessary junk files and slow down the device’s performance. That’s where Clean Master Advanced comes in, the ultimate mobile app for system optimization. This app not only helps remove unwanted files but also scans and searches for all duplicates and similar photos to free up storage space. In this blog, we will explain the features of Clean Master Advanced in detail and why it is important for your device.


  1. Junk Cleaner: This feature helps to remove junk, residual or cache files, and other unwanted files that occupy precious storage space and slow down your device’s performance.

  2. Duplicate Photo Remover: Clean Master Advanced allows you to search for all duplicate and similar photos existing on your device. You can simply scan and search the gallery for all copies of duplicate photos you don’t need anymore. This feature saves valuable storage space by removing unnecessary photos.

  3. Auto-Mark Option: Once all duplicates have been scanned, you can mark all except one to go ahead and delete them all at once. Or if you don’t want to delete some photos a specific group, you may unmark all photos of that group and go ahead with the cleaning process. This feature makes it easy to clean up your device quickly.

  4. Useless Video Finder: This feature enables you to easily find all the useless videos on your device in a single tap. It helps to quickly identify videos that take up valuable storage space and delete them.

  5. RAM Cleaner: Clean Master Advanced helps to speed up your device by freeing up RAM. It helps to close background apps and processes that consume memory, improving your device’s performance and speed.

  6. Search Functionality: You can browse through folders and search for files based on various criteria, including name, size, date modified, content type, and file type. This feature helps to quickly identify and remove unnecessary files from your device.


Clean Master Advanced is essential for any mobile device, especially those with limited storage space. By removing junk and duplicate files, it frees up valuable space and improves the device’s performance. The app’s RAM cleaning feature helps to speed up the device by closing unnecessary background apps and processes that consume memory. Additionally, the search functionality makes it easy to find and remove unwanted files quickly. Overall, Clean Master Advanced is a must-have app for anyone looking to optimize their mobile device’s performance.


In conclusion, Clean Master Advanced is the ultimate mobile app for system optimization. It helps to remove junk, duplicate files, and useless videos, freeing up valuable storage space and improving your device’s performance. With its RAM cleaning feature and search functionality, it’s a must-have app for anyone looking to optimize their mobile device’s performance. Download Clean Master Advanced today and enjoy a faster, smoother mobile experience.