This is a remarkable video and image editor tool which includes all the option to create/edit videos and pictures. It has got unique filters that could be applied to videos, you can merge videos, add transitions, trim video to extract only a part, get audio (.mp3 file) from video, edit images with fun stickers and effects, and much more.

Share your videos on Youtube or Instagram and get more likes!

  • Slideshow maker – create a slideshow by selecting images from the picture library and adding a transition to it, also set the duration of images, add frames over the images, attach stickers and texts over the slideshow, and set background music to make it a perfect video.

Video Effects – record live video and add effects on it by selecting from a list of beautiful effects and overlays.

  • Video Editor – pick one or more videos from the videos library to edit by adding filters, adding stickers/emojis for a particular duration, adding texts, or by adding amazing effects.

Video to Mp3 – option to extract music and save as an mp3 file from the video

  • Trim Video – trim or cut a part of the video and save it as a new file
  • Video Transition – select image(s) and video(s) from the library and add transition effects on it by selecting from a list of 10+ items

Download now and have fun making videos!

The theme in which the video is set in is the decisive factor to which extent a video will be the treat to the eyesore of the viewers. Innumerous themes are available for you to apply via the Video Theme option.

Step 1: Choose a Video theme 

  • Click on the Video theme button and choose a theme, Lot’s of amazing video themes to choose from.
  • Click on any theme to apply to your video.
  • After clicking on the theme all videos will be listed that in your computer choose your video to apply theme effect on your video.

Step 2: Edit Video After theme effect.

  • After the select video, you will redirect to video editing here you can edit your video also.
  • You can apply the theme effect and edit videos using amazing video editing tools.
  • Click on the editing button and add or remove the video and trim setting.
  • Click on the stickers button and choose cool and funny stickers to apply on video and set the starting & ending time to show.
  • Click on the music button and Add music to the video and setting up music repeat or not and length etc.
  • Click on the save video button to save a video in your file.
  • Click on the Text button and double click text that shows on video.
  • write text and click on the check button.
  • choose a font style and font color and set text position on video.
  • Click on the check button and set the showing time of text on the video.
  • Click on the filter button and apply an awesome filter to the video.
  • click over the filter to apply on video and click on the Accept button.

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I enjoyed making my video with Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram I had fun making my Video from my photos. It was a simple app to use.

Jonathan Morgan

I like it, took me 4 tries to find a good movie maker for some videos for my YouTube channel, and this the best application

Harsul Hisham

I very much enjoyed using this application, it has all the features that I was looking for. I advise all of you to use it, Well Done.


Extremely well worked done by Developers! The app is unique designed and very easy to understand easy to use. I am very happy to install it.