This is a Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram which includes all the option to create/edit videos and pictures. It has got different filters that could be applied on your videos, you can combine videos, trim video, to get an audio (mp3 file) from video, edit image with stickers and effects, and much more.

Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram make them stand out. very simplest way to add effects to a video. Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram is the only video editor that give you add Real time video effects. You can add Black & White, Filmic effects, VHS, Glitch, Snow, and more!

Using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram you can apply amazing theme on your videos in this application lot’s of video theme effect to apply on your video like Donut, emoji, Unicorn, Birthday,leaf, heart, Birthday Particle, Motion, Particle, Party, Love, ceremony, Christmas, Halloween, thunder flame, confetti, X-max, Autumn, Blast, Crackers and more.

When the app starts, click on Video Theme button.

Step 1: Choose a Video theme 

  • Click on the Video theme button and choose a theme, Lot’s of amazing video themes to choose from.
  • Click on any theme to apply to your video.
  • After clicking on the theme all videos will be listed that in your computer choose your video to apply theme effect on your video.

Step 2: Edit Video After theme effect.

  • After the select video, you will redirect to video editing here you can edit your video also.
  • You can apply the theme effect and edit videos using amazing video editing tools.
  • Click on the editing button and add or remove the video and trim setting.
  • Click on the stickers button and choose cool and funny stickers to apply on video and set the starting & ending time to show.
  • Click on the music button and Add music to the video and setting up music repeat or not and length etc.
  • Click on the save video button to save a video in your file.
  • Click on the Text button and double click text that shows on video.
  • write text and click on the check button.
  • choose a font style and font color and set text position on video.
  • Click on the check button and set the showing time of text on the video.
  • Click on the filter button and apply an awesome filter to the video.
  • click over the filter to apply on video and click on the Accept button.

People all over the world love Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram


I enjoyed making my video with Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram I had fun making my Video from my photos. It was a simple app to use.

Jonathan Morgan

I like it, took me 4 tries to find a good movie maker for some videos for my YouTube channel, and this the best application

Harsul Hisham

I very much enjoyed using this application, it has all the features that I was looking for. I advise all of you to use it, Well Done.


Extremely well worked done by Developers! The app is unique designed and very easy to understand easy to use. I am very happy to install it.