Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram – Delete audio from any video file, so that you can create a video my adding your favorite music file to it.

Recording high-quality videos from your Smartphones/cameras is easy, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for the sound. The camera microphones record low-quality audio music and they pick up background noises that can make the video unwatchable.

In case you were looking for a quick way to mute or remove the audio in your videos, you came to the right place because in this article we will show you how you can mute music/Audio in Mute video or how can you add new audio files in videos. We’re also going to provide you with another solution that lets you have more control over the audio editing process.

Muting the audio in a video clip is easy, regardless of the video editing software you’re using. Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram lets you mute audio in just a few steps, so let’s see how you can mute videos with this video editor.

Videos that have poor quality sound won’t impress anyone, but you don’t worry because muting or replacing audio files is a task that requires almost no effort. Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram can quickly mute an audio file.

When the app starts, click on Mute Video button.

Step 1: Load Your video from your computer file 

  • Click on the Mute button and choose your Video From any location of the computer file.
  • Using Movie Maker For YouTube and Instagram you can easily do multiple things with photo and video like Slideshow, Video editing, extract music from video, Mute video add music, and lot’s of more options to users.
  • Step 2: Mute video save to your location.

    • Afterload video clicks on the Mute button and chooses the location where you want to save the mute video.
    • After that wait, a moment your Mute Video file will save at your selected save location.
    • Simple steps to mute any video music you can also add music to your mute video using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram Click Here to Know How to Add Music.

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