Snap Photo Filters and Stickers on Pics

Privacy and Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how we deals with the personal information. Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person.

  • We DO NOT collect, store or use any personal information while you visit, download or upgrade our products.
  • We are not collecting any face data.
  • We are not collecting any face data, so no question of sharing
  • To be specific, we do not require the consumers to get registered before downloading the application, nor do we keep track of the consumer’s visits of our application, we even don’t have a Server to store such personal information.
  • No personal information is stored or shared to a third party.
  • The images you take using camera, or if you use any image from gallery, will remain inside the app only, we do not have access to any of your images.
  • Any audio or video you record inside the application will not be saved anywhere from our side.
    If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or data processing, please email us at