Text on Videos

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Exclusive Text on Videos app for all Windows 10 device to create custom videos by adding texts and quotes. Add text of any style with custom text color and background color and set it over video for particular time range.

Very simple and easy to use that allows you do style and add text to videos

  • 350+ font styles are available.
  • Text background color is changeable.
  • Text color is changeable.
  • Color sliders available to change text color and background color.
  • Slider to set font size to make the text on video accurate.
  • Famous quotes stickers available.
  • Set time range of each text/sticker.
  • Separate list to manage texts and range, also you can update the range of each text.
  • Thumbnails of video frames is listed so that you can easily choose the time at which you want to add text.
  • Easy save option with progress bar to give saving time detail.
  • Link option to open the file in default video player or to open the folder where video has been save.
  • Sharing option to share the created video via mail, message, Skype, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.