Candy Selfie Camera - Collage Maker & Selfie Editor

Here is an amazing app for all the Windows 10 users, photo editor app like never before……crop photo, apply effects, add emojis, make it square fit, add texts, border frames, backgorund wallpapers.
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Guide to use : Candy Selfie Camera - Collage Maker & Selfie Editor

Get started : click on 

  • Camera
  • Edit
  • Edit Collage
  • Frame Collage
  • My Work
  • Click on Camera button and capture your live photo then start editing.
  • Click on Edit then crop your photo in given ratio or manually.
  • Click on Edit button and use some photo editing tools.
  • Click on Effects icon and Adjust your photo lightning etc.
  • Click on Brightness, Colorboost, Contrast, Emboss, Sharpness, Blur, Moonlight, Paint, Posterize and adjust the ratio using slider.
  • Click on Filters icon then choose your favorite filter and apply.
  • Click on Square Fit then add your bg color or bg texture.
  • Click on Stickers icon and add stickers one by one.
  • Click on Text icon and write text or quote beautifully.
  • Click on Border and you can see lots of border frames. Choose one of them and add on photo.
  • Click on save icon for save & share your photo.
  • Click on Edit Collage button then click on select images and choose multiple photos.
  • Click on your Grid.
  • Right click on photo for Zoom in & Zoom out.
  • Click on Backgrounds and click on background for add.
  • Click on Border icon and increase or decrease border with slider.
  • Click on save button for save & share.
  • Click on Frame Collage button and choose your favorite frame temp
  • Click on save button for save & share.