Smoky Text Photo Frames

Smoky Text Photo Frames feature frames for each letter from A to Z, creating a smoky ambiance. This allows you to seamlessly place your photo within the frame and apply various effects to enhance its visual appeal.

Smoky Text Photo Frames offer smoky frames for every letter from A to Z. This feature allows you to seamlessly position your photo within the frame and apply various effects. With over 10 custom photo effects, including flip and color change effects on smoky frames, it becomes an exceptional Letter app.

Choose frames from A to Z, select the first letter of your name, and create a stunning picture. Explore the color picker to customize the frame and background colors.

Save your masterpiece in the Smoky album and easily share it with others.

To get started, click on:

  • Camera: Capture a live photo
  • Gallery: Choose a photo from your gallery
  • After selecting a photo from your gallery, now choose your preferred social media ratio according to your liking.
  • Select a photo and begin editing. Click on ‘Adjust’ to fine-tune brightness, contrast, and more. Then, click on the filter icon to apply various color themes to the photo.
  • Click on ‘Frames‘ and select the frame featuring the initial letter of your name.
  • Click on ‘Smoke Color‘ to add or change the color of the smoky frame.
  • Click on the ‘Text‘ button to add text to your Smoky Text creation. You can customize the text color, background color, add text shadow, adjust opacity, and more.
  • Click on ‘Background‘ to change the background color.
  • Select ‘Sticker‘ and pick your favorite stickers to enhance your creation.
  • Choose ‘Status‘ and apply your favorite status to your photo.

  • Click on the ‘Save‘ button to save and share your creation. Additionally, share your masterpiece with family and friends.