Music Player - MP3 Audio Player

This Music Player is fully loaded with features like a powerful equalizer, a quick search for all music files, custom background skin.

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We repeatedly, constantly choose music over anything to make the most of our leisure time or to take our minds off the chaos and hectic days. How great it would be to have all our songs grouped and be presented on a single page

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All the songs you hear in a day can be now easily accessed as our wonderful application has the feature to store or keep a record of all the songs you hear, just like google history.


Everybody lingers around music and finds some of them heartwarming. A list of favorites can also be created just so the users can have straight access to the songs they like without wasting their time in searching them separately.

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The details of the song you are listening to are sometimes hazy and there is an urge to know them as the artist, lyrics, or band for any future reference. We now provide you the feature to know all this in just a single tap.


The specifications of an application while working on it are of utmost importance and the users should have the option to alter them whenever they want just to make it worthwhile to be working on an application.