Hand Wash Reminder

Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, viruses, bacteria, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.
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Guide to use : Hand Wash Reminder

Let’s start your application :

  • This Hand Wash Reminder gives you notifications by reminding to wash your hands.
  • Hand wash reminder will remind you for washing hands after selecting time Interval.
  • After open application give basic information before we get start :
  • Set your wake up time or sleep timing.
  • After Enter your wake up or sleep time application start remind you to wash your hand.
  • first notification when you start application first time wash your hand and click over the highlight icon.
  • There all the default setting of reminding hand wash you can customize application setting according to your daily routine. 
  • Change tab click on history button here your hand wash routine will track and mange.
  • you can see monthly or yearly routine.
  • this is basically routine tracker in graph view.  
  • Click on setting button to customize application according to your routine. 
  • After change tab click on hand wash goal button and adjust intake goal according to your daily routine.
  • After adjust click on save button to save changes. 
  • Click on reminder hand wash in sound section.
  • Change notification sound  if you want to change.
  • play sound click on play icon and listen sound there are 3 sound of hand wash notification.
  • click on save button after change sound
  • To set reminder interval time click on reminder interval in reminder setting section.
  • After that choose interval time between notification and click on save button to save changes.