Poster Maker - Poster Design, Flyer Maker & Ad Maker

Poster Maker - Poster Design, Flyer Maker & Ad Maker set your photo in another photo frame with some creative frames and magazine cover.
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Guide to use : Poster Maker - Poster Design, Flyer Maker & Ad Maker

Get started : click on 

  • Invitation templates
  • Poster templates
  • Photo collage
  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story
  • Facebook post
  • Click on Invitation Templates and select your category.
  • Choose your template and start editing.
  • Double tap on text and you can edit your text.
  • Click on Bg and select your background into library.
  • Click on text and add other text on it.
  • Click on Filter icon and apply on it.
  • Click on Effect icon and add some glossy overlay on it.
  • Click on Sticker icon and add multiple stickers.
  • Click on Gallery icon for add other images.
  • Click on save icon for save and share your image.
  • You can add lots of templates For ex : Poster templates, Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook post.
  • Click on photo collage and make your photo amazing collage.
  • Click one of them and choose your image.
  • Choose your template for multiple photos.
  • Click on Gallery icon(bottom left) for photos.
  • Click on photo in templates for Zoom, Rotate, Delete etc.
  • Click on save button for save your template.