Cat Face Camera Editor App

Cat Face Camera Editor lets you edit your photos with cute cat stickers. Funny stickers will you design your picture and make it more beautiful. So many stickers to decorate photos and make collage is the app’s great feature.

Get started : click any button and choose photo. 

  • Edit
  • Collage
  • Frames
  • Gallery
  • Click on Edit button and choose photo.
  • Click on stickers icon and add multiple cat face stickers one by one.
  • Click on Filters icon and apply color filters on photo.
  • Click on Text icon and write text in Blank box, You can change font style, color and font family easily.
  • Click on Flip icon and flip your image Right to Left and Left to Right.
  • Click on COLLAGE button and start making grids.
  • Click on Layout icon and choose your grid.
  • Click on background and add colorful background.
  • Click on Adjust icon you can increase & decrease the value of inner or outer space using slider.
  • Click on Filters icon for make colorful photo.
  • Click on text icon and write your quotes or Headline.
  • Click on stickers icon add make cat face using stickers.

  • Click on FRAMES icon and open categories of Frames then choose anyone.
  • Apply frame and edit your photo with stickers, effects, text, flip.
  • Click on save button for share & save your photo.