GIF Maker - Photos to GIF, Video to GIF

Let’s start making amazing GIFs with this wonderful Gif Maker Free – Video to Gif, Photos to Gif app. It is a fantastic app for Windows 10 users to convert videos and images to gifs.

 Keeping in the view the value of your time and the spontaneity of the moments when you suddenly have the urge to click pictures or capture moments or create GIFs, we have provided a camera feature to personalise your experience while using the app.

How cumbersome it is to browse through the gallery again and again to find the one single photo, right? If this gets on your nerves too, ‘My GIF’ feature is specially curated for you. It just makes it really tireless to access all your GIFs till date in a single tap. 

How wonderful it would be if our multiple images could be summed up and be made into a GIF. Hold that thought because we are here at your service to provide this enriching experience through our special feature ‘Images to GIF’.

There are moments when we obsess about a few seconds of the video and it’s a dialogue or a quote that can be used multiple times while having a decent conversation just like GIF but the limited availability of GIF makes it really hard to find that particular dialogue you have in mind. We got you fully covered.