Movie Composer & Video Editor - Add Music, Cut, No Crop Blur Background

Video editing is a very expert job, being a novice can cause you a few problems.

Video editing is a highly specialized task, and for beginners, it can be challenging. If you wish to enhance your video editing skills, consider installing our app, “Movie Composer & Video Editor.” This application offers the most advanced and user-friendly options for video editing, allowing you to edit your videos and create slideshows simultaneously with ease. Explore our specifically designed features to make editing more enjoyable and accessible. Follow the easy steps provided below each feature to use them properly.

“Movie Composer & Video Editor” stands out as the easiest video editing tool and slideshow maker, enabling you to create chic videos and photos effortlessly.

This all-in-one application boasts numerous features that promise to make your photo editing experience truly unique. In Video Editing, you can elevate your content with distinctive effects, overlays, stickers, and more.

You also have the flexibility to set a slider for the gap duration between selected video images, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. Default music files are available, but you can also add custom music from your device. The app provides top-notch tools for quickly applying overlay themes, merging, rotating, and trimming your clips. Trim video in parts, merge images from your gallery or album, and compress videos without losing quality, resembling the work of a professional video producer. Creating an impressive music video or slideshow only takes one tap. With square video functionality and crop mode customized for Instagram users, sharing your videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more becomes a breeze. Capture memorable moments, such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and happy occasions, by adding multiple theme effects to your videos.

Do your old videos lack excitement? Inject some fun beats into them with our Movie Maker for Kids! Add background music to any video format, as most of them are supported. Make your videos entertaining by selecting fun, catchy tunes from our pre-installed music themes or choosing one from your personal library.

Step 1:-  After launching the app, click on ‘Add Music,’ and you will be prompted to select a video file from your personal library.

Step 2:-  As soon as you’ve selected the video, you will see an option to ‘Add Music’ at the forefront of the screen. Click on it to see the list of pre-installed music themes.

Follow these steps after selecting the video:

  • After selecting your video, ‘Add Music‘ will be prominently displayed on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Add Music‘ to access a list of pre-installed music themes.
  • Explore and choose a music theme that complements your video.
  • Once added, you can preview the combined video with background music.

After enhancing your video with background music, complete the process by saving your creation:

  1. Click on the “Save” button.
  2. Choose a local folder on your device to store the video with added background music.
  3. Optionally, share your creatively enhanced video with friends and family through various social media handles, spreading the enjoyment.

Click on the “Save” button, and your video with the added background music will be saved, ready to be shared and enjoyed! If you have any questions or need assistance, refer to the in-app guides or contact our support team. Happy editing!