With Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram, you can easily combine them into a unforgettable clip! To add music to video tool is very easy to use, the only thing you need to do is drubbing the track if it’s longer than video or coiling it if it’s shorter.

Agreeable with all Computer devices including computers such as Windows Mobile and Windows 10 . components minimal design makes it really easy to use just because of its custom, streamlined settings, and controls.

In this , we’ll show you how can you add music to your videos using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram tool.

Add Music To Video app give a facility for erratic Background Music of any video files. This application adjust audio file size if audio file is larger than video file, it will be automatically adjust/trim audio to video duration. You can make very different types of video

Sound is as integral an element of a absorbing scene as the backgrounds, actors, and visual effects. Going silent for a moment after an acute scene helps the viewer reflect on what they have seen up the tune without obscuring the dialogue. Muting or tuning background noises and audio clutter will ensure that the video never breaks the absorption.

When the app starts, click on Add BG Music button.

Step 1: Load Video from the computer file

  • Click on the Add BG Music button to add music to your Mute video or Mute and Add Music.
  • After click on Add background music load your video file from your computer from any location and choose your video, and click on the Open button.

Step 2: Choose Music to Apply over video

  • After Load Video clicks on the Add Music button and chooses Music from the list, You can also listen to music before select so play music or add.
  • Using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram you can also choose music from your media file and apply it to your video.
  • Click on the choose file button and select your music file from your computer and click on open.

Step 3: Adjust Music with Video 

  • After Choose Music you can adjust music with video in just one minute with a simple step.
  • Check box: If you want to repeat music if the video is large then music so click on the check box to enable repeat music.
  • Music Volume: In this section, you can adjust the volume of video and selected music, Hold scroll point and scroll it to the left side to increase the video Music and decrease selected music volume and scroll right side to increase the volume of selected music and decrease the volume of the video.
  • Trim Music: You can also trim your video with just a simple step set start music or end music timing.
  • Click on the Save button to download/save a video on your computer.

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