Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram

It is an exceptional video and image editing tool that incorporates all the necessary options for creating and editing both videos and pictures.

  • After clicking on the ‘Video to Mp3’ button, you can convert or extract music from any video in just a minute.
  • Click on the ‘Video to Mp3’ button and load your video from your computer. Quickly select any video from any location on your computer and click ‘Open’ to load it. Once the video is loaded, you are ready to extract music from it. Click on the dropdown for the desired format. Choose your preferred mp3 format from the list for extraction. Another feature in Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram allows you to trim music before extracting it in just a simple step. Beneath the desired format, you will find the scroll for video duration. Set the start and end duration using this scroll. After setting the start or end duration, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • After clicking on the ‘Next’ button, either tap ‘Save’ to save in the default location or click on the ‘Save As‘ button to save the extracted music to another location. Wait for your music to be extracted from the video or save it to your preferred location. Enjoy using the Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram application, create more music extracts, and share them with your friends.

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