This incredible video and image editor tool includes all the option to create or edit videos and pictures. It has unique filters that can be applied to videos; you can merge videos, add transitions, trim video, get audio (.mp3 file) from video, edit images with fun stickers and effects, and much more.

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  • Slideshow maker – create a slideshow by selecting images from the picture library and adding a transition , also setting the duration of images, adding frames over the images, attaching stickers and texts over the slideshow, and setting background music to make it a perfect video.
  • Video Effects – record live video and add effects by selecting from a list of beautiful effects and overlays.
  • Video Editor – pick one or more videos from the videos library to edit by adding filters, stickers or emojis for a particular duration, texts, or amazing effects.

Video to Mp3 – option to extract music and save it as an mp3 file from the video.

  • Trim Video – trim or cut a part of the video and save it as a new file.
  • Video Transition – select image(s) and video(s) from the library and add transition effects to it by selecting from a list of 10+ items.

Download now and have fun making videos!

Audio from the video sometimes catches us off guard and stays on our minds for a ridiculously long time. So, we provide the feature of converting the videos to audio when you wish to obtain it just to satiate your curiosity.

After clicking on the Video to Mp3 button, you can convert or extract music from any video in a minute.

  • Click on the Video to mp3 button and load your video from your computer.
  • Quickly load any video from any location of your computer file and click on the Open to load. After loading the video, you are ready to extract music from the video.
  • Click on the dropdown of the desired format: Here, you can choose your desired mp3 format; which format you want to extract, just select from a list.
  • One more feature in Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram is that you can trim music before extracting music in just a simple step.
  • Below the desired format, you will find the scroll of video duration in which you set the start and end duration.
  • After setting the start or end duration, click on the Next button.

After clicking on the Next button, tap click on the save button to save in the default location or click on the save as button to save extract music to another location. Wait for your music to extract from the video or save it to your expected location. Enjoy Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram application, make more music extracts, and share with your friends.

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I enjoyed making my video with Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram I had fun making my Video from my photos. It was a simple app to use.

Jonathan Morgan

I like it, took me 4 tries to find a good movie maker for some videos for my YouTube channel, and this the best application

Harsul Hisham

I very much enjoyed using this application, it has all the features that I was looking for. I advise all of you to use it, Well Done.


Extremely well worked done by Developers! The app is unique designed and very easy to understand easy to use. I am very happy to install it.