Movie Creator for Social Media Platforms

It is a remarkable video and image editing tool that encompasses all the options needed to create and edit videos and pictures.

This incredible video and image editor tool offers all the options to create or edit videos and pictures. It features unique filters that can be applied to videos, allowing you to merge videos, add transitions, trim video, extract audio (.mp3 file) from the video, and edit images with fun stickers and effects, among other capabilities.

Share your videos on YouTube or Instagram and get more likes!

  • Slideshow Maker: Create a slideshow by selecting images from the picture library. Add a transition, set the duration of images, add frames over the pictures, attach stickers and texts over the slideshow, and set background music to make it a perfect video.

  • Video Effects: Record live video and add effects by selecting from a list of beautiful effects and overlays.

  • Video Editor: Pick one or more videos from the video library to edit by adding filters, stickers, or emojis for a particular duration, texts, or amazing effects.

  • Video to Mp3: Extract music and save it as an mp3 file from the video.

  • Trim Video: Trim or cut a part of the video and save it as a new file.

  • Video Transition: Select image(s) and video(s) from the library and add transition effects by choosing from a list of 10+ items.

Download now and have fun making videos!

Combining two videos can make things even more interesting. It would be wonderful if two or more videos could be mixed up just to make it more informative. We provide you with the feature to merge videos with our application.

  • Load multiple videos, trim clips, and combine them into a single video.
  • Click on the ‘Video Merge’ button to load a video from your computer file. Quickly select your video file from any location on your computer. After loading the videos, set the video’s start and end times. If you want to trim clips from the video, click on the ‘Trim’ button without selecting start or end time. Next, select ‘Add Video’ and choose another video from your computer file. Trim the video by selecting the start or end time of the video. If you want to add more videos, click on the ‘Add Video’ button and follow the same steps to load all the videos you want to merge. After loading and trimming all videos, click on the ‘Merge’ button and wait for all your trimmed videos to merge and save.
  • Trim and merge multiple videos with Moviemaker for YouTube and Instagram, and don’t forget to share this application with your family and friends.