Video Editor – pick one or more videos from the videos library to edit by adding filters, adding stickers/emojis for a particular duration, adding texts, or by adding amazing effects. Choose your favorite theme and apply it to your video as well.

Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram is the best app to help you make movies from your photos, video clips, and music. It accommodates basic functions such as video joining, adding background music and text caption, more advanced features like image filter, transition effects, pan-tilt-zoom effects.

You have to join, text captions, and add music to your video clips? You need to make a family video a sabbatical, a project presentation video at school, or a short video showcasing your product? Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram is the most simple, efficient, and affordable movie maker and video editing app for your need for Microsoft Store.

Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram is the best way to invent, edit, and circulate videos on Windows Phone and PC. Get this unique and easy-to-use video editor app for creating and sharing videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Add filters, transitions, effects, images, music, voice-over narration, and more. Believe me, In a few minutes it will create really awesome videos.


  • 20+ unique video enhancing filters
  • Publish in HD
  • Add titles and captions
  • Edit photos and videos from your gallery or capture them from the app
  • Add music
  • Easy clip arranging
  • Add emoji stickers to your video
  • Add special effects and transitions
  • Share videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more!

Step 1 : When the app starts, click on Video Editor.

Step 1: Choose a video from your Gallery & Trim it.

  • Click on the Video editor button and choose Video from the gallery: When you start editing the first step to load videos from your gallery.
  • You can load any video to edit amazing effects on video just some easy steps.
  • Load Any Image and set the starting or ending time of video and click on the trim button to trim video, Easily remove unwanted screens from a video.
  • You can also add another video by click on the add video button and also trim another video after that click on the next button to merge all trim videos and start editing the video.

Step 2: Apply Amazing video theme effect 

  • After the trim video and merge you will redirect to Theme effect, there is a lot of amazing video theme effect to choose. Click on any theme effect to apply to your video.
  • One tap effect will be reflected in your video.

Step 3: Trim, Split, Add, Remove, and copy the video.

  • Click on the editing button to edit all video clips one by one.
  • To trim, any clip selects your clip after enter editing and click on trim button then choose video starting or ending time and click on the ok button to apply changes.
  • To split any clip choose clip and click on the split button to split your video.
  • To make a duplicate copy of the video select the video clip and click on the copy button.
  • To Remove select video clip and click on the remove button and to add click on the add button and choose a clip from your computer.
  • After performing the task click on the accept button to apply all changes. 

Step 4: Write Text on Video and set Text showing the timing 

  • You can also write text on your video.
  • Just click on the text button and click on the text area to write your text.
  • Write your text in the text area and set the position of text and size using the mouse you can resize your text.
  • Here you can also apply amazing text style and color easily to give style to your text.
  • After setting your text set the start or end position to display text and click on the Accept button to save changes.
  • You can write Multiple texts at different time slots. 

Step 5: Apply Filter effects on Your Video 

  • You can also apply the filter effect on your video to enhance the video look and quality.
  • Click on the effect button and choose any filter effect lot of amazing filter effects to apply to your video easily.

Step 6: Apply cool and funny stickers and set time to show stickers in the video 

  • Using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram you can add stickers on video with time to show.
  • Click on the stickers button and choose any stickers from the list, you can also apply Multiple stickers.
  • After select sticker set position and set size and after that set sticker timing set stickers to start time to show in video and end time of sticker shown in the video.
  • Apply Multiple stickers with timing and enjoy and edit your video.

Step 7: Add Music or Add Multiple Music in a Single video 

  • Click on the Music button and choose music from the list or you can also choose music from your music media file.
  • But You can also apply multiple kinds of music in a single video using Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram.
  • Click on the Multiple music button and choose your first music and click on the accept button after that one option to set timing here set start time of music or end of using after that choose your second music and set the start time of video which you set first video end time, follow the same to add another music you can add multiple music only keep the timing start or end.

People all over the world love Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram


I enjoyed making my video with Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram I had fun making my Video from my photos. It was a simple app to use.

Jonathan Morgan

I like it, took me 4 tries to find a good movie maker for some videos for my YouTube channel, and this the best application

Harsul Hisham

I very much enjoyed using this application, it has all the features that I was looking for. I advise all of you to use it, Well Done.


Extremely well worked done by Developers! The app is unique designed and very easy to understand easy to use. I am very happy to install it.